How to Clean and Disinfect Your Conference Room

Clean and Disinfect Your Conference Room, System4 of Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Conference rooms play a vital role in the workplace. It is important to keep the table, chairs and other high touch point areas clean and disinfected to help reduce the spread of germs. Whether you are conducting your weekly team meeting, holding a sales presentation, or a training session, you will want to ensure that the space is sparkling clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. Here are a few helpful tips on how to clean and disinfect your conference room while ensuring staff, clients, and visitors stay healthy and safe:

Pick Up & Organize the Area

After a meeting, it is important to tidy up the area – remove food and drinks, trash, etc. Place all pens, notepads and devices in their proper areas.

Clean & Disinfect Surfaces

It is important to use proper cleaning and disinfection products on surfaces. By cleaning and disinfecting high touch point areas – table, chairs, remotes, computers, etc. you will help reduce the spread of germs that can cause illnesses.

Remember to Power Down Electronic Equipment and Lighting

After everyone leaves the room, make sure to power down or place on power saver mode all electronic devices – projector, speaker, lighting, etc. By powering down electronic devices you will help the business conserve energy and reduce spend on electricity.

Don’t Forget to Clean and Disinfect Regularly

The conference room is a regularly used space, and it is essential to regularly clean and disinfect this area. All seating should be cleaned and disinfected often, all windows should be cleaned, high touch point areas disinfected, and trash cans cleaned and sanitized. One way to ensure that this area as well as others are sparkling clean and germ free is to hire the right commercial cleaning and disinfection service provider.

System4 Facilities Services Management is an industry leader in commercial cleaning and disinfection services. We specialize in creating customized solution to meet your facility’s needs and exceed your expectations. System4 has a vast network of vetted, experienced service provider that is well-prepared to service any size or type facility.

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